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India Hicks Collection

London – Harbour Island

A unique line of the highest quality accessories and gifts, infused with a sense of adventurous spirit that would work well and hard for my clients during their trip and after they return.

For many years, as a travel advisor, I assisted my clients in preparing for their trips in many ways including wardrobe and packing hints.

I found Linda Hicks and immediately fell in love with the products. Excellent quality that would last through many travel adventures.

They were stylish, creative and with a price point far less then designer offerings yet with the same attention to detail and using only the best materials.

As a service to my travel clients, i decided to make the Linda Hicks collection available in my office and on my web site.

for so many years now, i have send clients to Travelsmith and Magellan only to have them come back without finding what they really wanted and needed.

I sincerely hope you will look over the catalogue and find some things that will help make your trip extra special and provide the quality you are looking for.

Please visit my web site here.

As an ambassador for India Hicks, I am always looking for women interested in helping to bring this brand to the next level.  Contact me if you are interested in joining me in promoting travel and products that make it easy and fun!