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About Us

With decades of combined travel experience, we pride ourself on our expertise of what makes for a perfect vacation. Each of our vacation specialists has first-hand knowledge of what they recommend in a vacation, having taking them themselves.

I take pride in keeping up with new ships, destinations and excursions so I can provide the very best trip for each and everyone of my clients. While living in the beautiful Florida Keys, my husband has been an off shore charter boat captain for many years.

During the past 15 years, we have been able to offer our clients the best of both worlds, off shore fishing with Capt. John and cruising to beautiful and exotic ports of call. We have been cruising for the last 25 years and during our World Cruise, we visited 33 countries and 36 ports. Being on the water has always been our serenity. Love to cruise…Love to fish! Give us a call and we promise to work hard to give you the best cruise, fishing trip or a combination of both ! It is your vacation but it is as important to me as it is to you, so you can rely on me to work hard to give you the best service and value possible….a commitment you can count on!

Our Travel Advisers

Leah Iverson

Leah Iverson’s desire for travel began as a 7th grader with a bus trip from Minnesota to Juarez, Mexico followed by multiple family vacations to Mexico and the Caribbean. Upon graduating from Arizona State University she had the opportunity to work as a land-based Alaskan Tour Director for Holland America Line and Princess Cruises. Interspersed with her now 7 summers as a trainer and tour director in Alaska, Leah lived in Latin America for 2 ½ years which inspired her to attain a Master of Public Health and Latin America Studies from The University of Arizona. Paraphrasing Shakespeare, travel makes the world a more connected place and Leah considers that theme inspiration for her travels.